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Leadership Development

Many organizations are trying to develop their employees by rolling them in leadership programs but they do not see results or cannot measure development outcome.

The following points are some thoughts organizations should consider when designing leadership programs:

  1. Link your Leadership Development Program to an organization strategy (short, medium and long term directions)

  2. Define competencies for each layer of management

  3. Identify potential candidates that will be enrolled in the Leadership Development Program

Here, the identification and selection of candidates is a very important step in the process of developing leaders. Some organizations do two approaches

  1. Do internal announcement and use self-nomination where candidates nominate their self if they see they can fit the criteria and fill an application.

  2. The second approach is management nomination, where managers nominate their employees.

The selection is a process itself of different tests and will discuss on another note.

Khaled El Gohary 

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