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In every business consulting project I worked on across different countries or organizations, one question always comes to the mind of people is why initiatives succeed or fail? 

Looking back on the first business management lessons, we use to learn that if you would like any initiative to succeed you should have the commitment of the top management, sometimes you find a big gap between the top management, mid-management, and employees commitment and how they understand the initiatives. 

But how can we make sure that most of the initiatives in an organization will succeed and there is alignment across the organization? 

When you manage complex to change the following 5 thinks need to be there 

1- Vision:- The organization and top management must have a clear vision about the initiative and the changes they would like to implement and communicate it with the stakeholders and live it 

2- Skills:- The organizations must have the right skills to implement the initiative and the changes  

3- Incentive:- The right incentive must be in place and it can be in any form 

4- Resources:- The organization must have the right resources to complete the initiative and the required changes and resources can be in different forms 

5- Action plan:- Any project or initiative must have an action plan 

All the above are known to everyone but the things that aren’t known to people that if one of the above dimensions aren’t integrated into the initiative of the change the following will occur

If the initiative and change have the following Vision, skills, incentives, resources but no action plan it will lead to a FALSE START 

If the initiative and change have the following Vision, skills, incentives and action plan but no Resources it will lead to FRUSTRATION AND DELAY 

If the initiative and change have the following Vision, skills and action plan but no incentives it will lead to GRADUAL CHANGE 

If the initiative and change have the following Vision, incentives, resources and action plan but no Skills it will lead to ANXIETY 

If the initiative and change have the following skills, incentives, resources and action plan but no vision it will lead to CONFUSION 

based on the 5 dimensions that’s why organizations feel confused, anxious, frustrated, start wrong and do gradual change not a breakthrough.

one of the most important elements of success is monitoring progress in initiatives by the concerned people in the organization  


1- Have a clear direction where, what, when, why and how you want to do any project 

2- Select the great team with the right skills

3- Have an action plan 

4- Monitor the change 

5- Celebrate success and even celebrate failure so you can learn from it 


Khaled El Gohary 

Though leader

Leadership advisor 


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