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One of the most important aspect of leadership and self development is to lead with purpose ? But how you dip deep inside of you to know your real purpose? 

If you are giving a speech in front of 300 people and you had to introduce yourself in 30 second and give a very powerful introduction about your self what will you say to give the WOW factor about you? if your purpose isn’t known to you, it will be difficult to reach out to your audiences and control their mind and heart. 

We usually ask people what will be your stamp in life , in some cases we ask people to talk about their purpose by as if they are telling it to a 10 year kid and we identify in their story the key words that represent a form of a guide to their purpose.  

Each one of us have a purpose which will coming from the passion about doing something to contribute to a bigger cause , we need to search inside about the passion and the fuel that makes you go and wake up everyday.


  • Self Reflect 
  • Ask the question , what is and will be my stamp in life 
  • Follow your passion 


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